Little girl

Walking in the dark

Surveillance, advertisements, tracking,.. are everywhere. Have you ever wonder how to cut those nasty sneakers from your digital life? Wonder how you could go reading some news, listening to music, shopping while keeping your privacy and personal interest from prying eyes? I’m no professional but I’m mindful enough to care about my privacy and this is how I do while trying to achieve it.

Degoogle My Life

As you can guess, I’m an open source advocate. I tend to avoid close source software and services. That includes Google. This is my tournament on getting rid of Google from my digital life.

Control your fan's speed on thinkpad

Normally, you don’t need to manually control your fan’s speed as the hardware already do the job. Though somehow it doesn’t work as you expect. Like in my case, the temperature is too high while the fan doesn’t spin at all. Enough of me talking, let’s do this.

Arch Linux Installation


As you can notice, there are various tutorials in the net for the keyword “Arch installation”. As an Arch user, I will recommmend you to take a look at the Arch wiki for such an installation progess instead. So what is the purpose of this post? You may ask.