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Install and Configure Remotely control for Folding@home

Folding@home is a distributed computing project started by Stanford University to help understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases. The project uses the idle processing resources of thousands of personal computers belonging to people that have installed the Folding@home software on their systems. In this post I will describe how to install and configure the Folding@home client software on Ubuntu server.

Algorithm complexity

Algorithm complexity is a measure which evaluates the order of the count of operations, performed by a given or algorithm as a function of the size of the input data. To put this simpler, complexity is a rough approximation of the number of steps necessary to execute an algorithm. When we evaluate complexity we speak of order of operation count, not of their exact count. For example if we have an order of N2 operations to process N elements, then N2/2 and 3*N2 are of one and the same quadratic order.


$ sudo pacman -S wireguard-tools
Users of kernels < 5.6 may also choose wireguard-lts or wireguard-dkms + linux-headers, depending on which kernel is used.

Walking in the dark

Surveillance, advertisements, tracking,.. are everywhere. Have you ever wonder how to cut those nasty sneakers from your digital life? Wonder how you could go reading some news, listening to music, shopping while keeping your privacy and personal interest from prying eyes? I’m no professional but I’m mindful enough to care about my privacy and this is how I do while trying to achieve it.